Christer Hyggen

bilde (3)Welcome! My ambition here is to present some of my recent academic work and ongoing projects. Here you will find information and posts on youth unemployment, the use of drugs and alcohol and updates on my work as a research coordinator for The Nordic committee for children and young people (NORDBUK)

Some of the posts are written in english others in norwegian. I will stick to the language most suitable for the topic at hand and the reason for posting.

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NEGOTIATE web-page

GO2NEGOTIATE is a research project centred on young people in Europe. It examines the long- and short-term consequences of experiencing job insecurity or labour market exclusion in the transition to adulthood. We have been developing the project web-site – have a look!

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New report on youth unemployment in the Nordic countries

nordbukfrontAs part of the work as a research coordinator for the Committee on Youth and Children at the Nordic Council of ministers I recently published a report on Youth unemployment, school drop-out and marginalization. Young people in the Nordic region face many challenges in their transition into adulthood. A key challenge is the transition from education to employment. This report focuses on the Nordic region and looks at policy, measures and efforts that include or are aimed specifically at young people, with the purpose of increasing the rate of graduates in the educational system, and ensuring inclusion in the labor market. Furthermore the report analyzes whether the existing efforts and measures work – and what works and what does not. The report concludes by presenting a series of recommendations for further research and policy initiatives in this field. The Report is in Norwegian and may be downloaded for free here.

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Young swedish labour migrants in Norway

styleTogether with Hans Christian Sandlie at NOVA I am doing fieldwork for the STYLE-project. We are doing interviews with employers, intermediaries and Swedish labour migrants to Norway. We are particularly interested in young swedes working in IT, in the health and care sector or in the service-industry. If you would like to be part of this project or know of someone who should, please contact us at NOVA. The project is featured in a recent article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

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ECAt NOVA we are coordinating a new project that we have named NEGOTIATE – Negotiating early job insecurity and labour market exclusion in Europe. We received a grant of nearly 2.5 million from EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. In addition, the Swiss research council is contributing. In collaboration with partner institutions in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czhech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom we will focus on how young people obtain and maintain a secure labour market position. We want to identify how political, economical and institutional conditions contribute to promote or hinder young individual’s opportunity to succeed in life.

The project will formally start in March 2015 and will run for 3 years. For further information on the project, pop over to HiOA.

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From Cannabis to Problem Drinking?

In a recent edition of popNAD I have written a short piece on the development in consumption of drugs and alcohol from youth to adulthood. The piece is based on a recent article published in the Journal Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. The article investigates the relation between the use of Cannabis in youth and alcohol related problems in adulthood.

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STYLE – Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe

style-logoFor the next 4 years to come I will be a part of the Brighton-lead consortium STYLE. STYLE is a research project that aims to examine the obstacles and opportunities affecting youth employment in Europe. The project includes 25 research partners, an international advisory network and local advisory boards of employers, unions, policy makers and NGOS from over 20 European countries. You can find more information on the project and the consortium here.

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Søkelys på Norden

contentI begynnelsen av 2013 bodde det 3.3 millioner unge i aldersgruppen 15 – 24 år i Norden. 330.000 av disse ble regnet som arbeidsledige. Utfordringene knyttet til unge utenfor utdanning og arbeid er store, også i Norden. I en artikkel i Søkelys på arbeidslivet har jeg sett nærmere på disse utfordringene for unge i og utenfor arbeidslivet. Artikkelen kan leses her.

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